Martin Koči

About Martin

  • Year of birth: 1993
  • Based in Košice, Slovak Republic
  • Martin’s racing hobby is tied back to his father Michal and uncle Peter Koči who supported him in his passion since his young days
  • At the young age of 6, Martin was already behind the wheel of a 125cm buggy Havel
  • As a 9 year old, he was riding on a 250cm buggy Havel
  • Martin’s first race was in the non-motorised go-carts discipline in Hlohovec
  • He started his racing career behind the wheel of competitive buggy in Nyirad, Hungary as a 13 year old
  • For Martin, the biggest attractions are speed, adrenaline and strategy



  • John Haugland:
    „Martin has natural talent and doesn’t lack in potential.“
  • Jan Kopecký:
    „Martin belongs to the group of very young drivers who have the potential to become very good racers“

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